*The following are our fees starting March 1, 2020

You may choose one of the base contracts below depending on your needs every 2 years.

$2.99 the first minute
$1.99 each additional minute

15-minute minimum charge

$2.49 the first minute
$1.50 each additional minute.

30-minute minimum charge

*Each offering has a minimum time charge. If the appointment runs below that timeframe, it will still accrue the minimum charge. If it runs longer than the minimum, it will continue to accrue the additional minute rate at the start of every additional minute.

Equipment needed

A tablet that has access to high-speed internet is required for our service. Some offices may already have a working tablet set aside for their client needs. We are happy to assist in the installation of the software on those tablets. However, if your office needs the equipment, we are happy to rent them to you. Our equipment package includes a tablet, an adjustable heavy-duty stand, and amplification (upon request).

Equipment rental

If you would like to rent equipment dedicated for our service, this will include any maintenance, replacement, and insurance. $55 per month, per unit.

Please contact us to discuss any contract-specific rates that might be unique to your needs.

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